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How Can You Help Your London Asian Escort With Her Work & Reputation

Here something some of you have been asking for a long time and something clients bring up because they honestly care about their favourite escort: How can you help your favourite escort, your best girl, get the work she wants, get the clients she needs, and have the reputation to take her career far? Of course, there are plenty of ways to support your favourite London Asian escort such as booking more time with her and booking things are will bring her a nice pay for her time with you. You can of course tip her generously and do so every time you meet with her. You can also contribute with so that the world can know how much you adore her work.

Booking More Often

This can be done as easily as contacting your favourite girl and getting more time on the books. You can leave a deposit (with some escorts, you must) to secure your time with her and make sure that she doesn't miss out on other clients while she waits for you. Always make sure you keep to your scheduled appointments to avoid wasting your own time and her time. Show her you care by always showing up, contacting in advance to make sure you are not a "no show, no call" if you have to cancel or reschedule and be gracious if that is ever the case. You should come to an agreement with your escort about this and keep to it. This means that some escorts will keep the deposit as a non-refundable payment while others will offer to put it toward a future appointment. Always find out how this goes before booking many appointments in advance and see if there is something that can be done to avoid any and all cancellations. A good escort will keep to her schedule and her word, a good regular client will do the same. This is the kind of relationship that can really be great for both the client and the escort. When things become regular between the two, it's a great thing to have and it usually means that the appreciation is mutual. Showing this with more bookings and more work for your favourite girl is a great way to show you are a great client who is worth spending time on.

Tipping Your Escort

This is something all escorts love. Why wouldn't they? Extra money and a showing that they did a great job. Tipping is not obligatory or compulsory in the sex work industry, but (like in any other field that allows tipping) it's always appreciated. This means that you can show your appreciation for your favourite girl. You can do this at the moment of payment or later into the date or even at the end of the date, there is no rule as when you should tip like there are for when you should take care of the payment. Of course, with any exchange of money, it should be done in a subtle manner, especially if the date is in public. Becoming a regular client and a regular tipper is a great way to let your escort know that you mean business and that you really appreciate her services, may they include anything from her menu from going out to eat to staying in for a great time together. Getting that little extra bit of money says a lot and it shows so much more than just that you've had a great time.

Selecting Expensive Services

Some of these services may be expensive due to being complex or less agreeable for your escort, so if you are just wanting to give her more time, book a service that is enjoyable for her as well as you and pay it right. This means, if you are a regular, you might find out that she loves to go a bit kinky with her outfit, so you can book that and make special requests that go with her preferences. Special requests usually come with a special price, so be ready for that. You can also get a long appointment that would be considered a special service like an overnight date or a vacation booking. Those take more time and include more services, which means that they cost more. Your escort will notice when you want to book her for longer periods and do so often. It's a show of interest in her and of appreciation.


These are other than tips. Gifts are things that should be agreed upon for most escorts to avoid making awkward or something that is better kept once you have become a regular client. A regular will know that his escort loves designer shoes and they may even have seen her size in passing so getting her a nice pair of her favourites or a gift card to her favourite store can gain you a ton of good points. Of course, this should never, never ever, replace payment or be used as a tip. Gifts like these are extra and a some escorts will not be interested, so bring it up to your regular girl and see what she thinks. If she's down, gift away and spoil her rotten.

Review Her

If your escort can be found on any website, go forth and review her there. Those reviews will bring her more business. Be honest in your review, give a bit of detail and keep some mysteries. Give people a good idea as to why you think she's the only escort for you. Review her and be gracious in that review. Be polite, be detailed, be honest, this will give other people a good idea if they should book her. A review in the escort world is hard to get, so any and all reviews are appreciated by escorts.
Showing appreciation to your favourite escort, or any escort you book, doesn't have to cost a lot, but it's always appreciated. Thank your escort, give her your attention, pay her well, tip her, book her, and review her!
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